Best Suspension Trainers In The UK

Best Suspension Trainers UK

I first came across suspension training around 2009-2010. This was when the TRX system first started to become popular in the UK. The industry has moved on. Suspension training has become even more popular and there are more brands and variations out there. We’re going to look at the best suspension trainers in the UK currently. What Is Suspension Training? …

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Home Strength Training Plan

Today’s date is 17 November 2020 and the UK is a few days into Lockdown 2. In most health regards, I’ve been fortunate as have my friends and family. No one in my immediate circles has been badly impacted by the virus itself. The more general impacts on society and lifestyle and the economic impact have absolutely wrecked me, but …

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Body Dysmorphia Side Effects

Body dysmorphia (or body dysmorphic disorder to use the correct technical term) is a mental health condition where you spend a disproprotionately high amount of time focused on appearance. What Is Body Dysmorphia? It’s not just vanity. It’s not just low self-esteem. It is a genuine source of anxiety where you can’t stop seeing perceived flaws in your appearance. In …

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